30 Spiroid Spinning Shapes

looks like we made it to the end...

here it is:

integrating the spinning shapes, the spiroid, the iterated-ripple noise with its pitch synch'ed amplitude modulation, and an array based solution to polyphony.

Parameters you can control in this version:
  • number of equidistant divisions per octave
  • number of octaves
  • octave offset
  • output gain
Parameters in use which could easily be mapped to mouse, keys, or inputs:
  • number of sides to the spinning shape
  • speed of spinning shape
  • size of spinning shape
  • rate of amplitude modulation
  • depth of amplitude modulation

I will continue to post developments in this blog as and when they happen, but this concludes my 30 day CreativePact project.  Thank you for reading.



28: UI and AM

Improvements to the user interaction and some amplitude modulation on the synthesised audio signal...


I was going to do a demo video, but Vimeo only permit one HD upload per week, so I will wait a few days for the final version before doing a screencast : )


27 not today

no input to this project today. 

an incident involving the carpet melting took precedence.


26 small steps again

might seem like a small step, but it took ages - much longer than it should have: there were two failed attempts at a more sophisticated behaviour on the interface before scrapping it all to implement something simpler...


Four days to go.  Need to keep plans modest if there's to be something worth sharing at the end . . .


25: starting to bring it all together

didn't quite complete the integration of these two elements. http://sdfphd.net/creativepact2010/sdfahDev_0002.html hope i get to implement even half the stuff i have in mind over the next few days!


24 - sdfah0001.js

ta da!



just to add that the synthesis technique I've used today is based on the iterated-ripple noise (IRN) pitch-evoking stimulus described by Deborah A. Hall and Christopher J. Plack in 'Pitch Processing Sites in the Human Auditory Brain', Cerebral Cortex 19/3 (March 2009) pp. 576-585



23 sdfah.js dev

I'm working on sdfah.js (Samuel D Freeman's Audio Hack JavaScript utility).

I'm taking my time to crawl through the primary examples of the Audio API and implement my own reusable library with them.  So far so good.  In the past hour I have reached a comfortable understanding of the function relationships at play within the mozToneGen Example which I hacked at for a few days at the start of this month.

If I do end up with a working example tonight then I will edit this post at tweet about it, if not then I will report again tomorrow.